Terms and conditions

Customer Obligations:
The Customer has the obligation to communicate to the owner the number of people that will stay the property.
The Customer accepts that he will treat the property with care during his stay, also agrees not to cause any noise or disturbance to the residents in neighboring properties.
The Customer also agrees to return the keys to the property at check out in a way that will be agreed with the owner or his representatives.
The Customer agrees not to reproduce and/or give the keys of the property to third parties. Loss of keys will entail compensation of the cost of new locks and of 4 new sets of keys.
The Customer agrees to take the necessary security measures to prevent access to the property to unauthorized people for the duration of his stay.
The Customer agrees not to sublet the property to anyone.
The customer will have to take care of the garbage, dividing paper, plastic, glass, organic and undifferentiated
Guests should advise of any damages or issues present in the property within 24 hours of check in.
Right of access to the property:
The owner and/or third parties appointed by the owner, identifiable upon request by the customer, may have access to the property to carry out repairs and/or maintenance, if necessary.
The customer is not allowed to have pets of any kind in the property.
Suspension of utilities and services:
The owner or agent will not be liable for any suspensions/interruptions of services provided by third parties (such as providing electricity, gas, water and others) that are beyond their control.
Penalties and additional costs:
Guests are responsible for the furniture and items in the property.
The furniture included with the property cannot be moved and/or removed from one room to another, from one property to another and cannot be placed in public places.
In case of any errors during the booking process, as the number of guests, you may incur an additional cost.
Clause of termination by operation of law:
The rent or any other charges may not be suspended or delayed by claims or exceptions of the tenant, whatever the cause.
Theft / damages:
The owner/manager will not be liable to the Client for any theft. The owner is not liable for any damage to the guests regarding their property.
Swimming pool rules (where provided):
The swimming pool could have a depth MORE THAN 1.80 mt. near the diving board, so we ask you a special prudence during the utilization.
The use of the swimming pool is allowed only to experienced swimmers.
It is forbidden the use to a single person.
Children must be accompanied by adults experienced swimmers and looked after during the use of the swimming pool and also near the pool.
The admittance to the pool is possible only through an adult that must always be there